Tiffany 18" Tulip


This is a Tiffany 18" Tulip lamp that was done for a commission customer several years ago.  There was a lot of up-front work required to ensure the ending result would be exactly what was needed.  The customer wanted this to be a hanging fixutre above their dining room table.  The 18" Tulip pattern is not the best for this since the bulk of tulips (and associated color) are placed high on the pattern.  This is much better for a side-table lamp vs. a hanging lamp.  I worked closely with the customer and made many pattern modifications to help the lamp have a nicer look when hung.  I documented the entire design & construction process (with images & video) here: .  Please take a peek!  I'd love to hear what others think about my design & construction process, so please comment.  Thanks for taking a look. 

Material used:
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