Stained Glass Christmas Tree with mini LED lights and remote


Why a pink Chritstmas tree?  I made this as a gift for my mother and it is her favorite color.  The lights are miniature LED controlled by on a remote and have 8 settings.  This was by far the most challenging piece I have worked on.  Getting the lights in was extremely difficult.  Hot glue would not stick to the solder and I didn't want it on the glass it might stain.    Soldering the led strips would break the electrical connection.  I figured out I could wrap the light string in coper foil and leave a centimeter strip on end that I could solder into the seams.   I used zinc framing as the trunk as it allowed a channel for lights to string through at each layer and I could solder each layer of the tree to the zinc.  I also put plumbing gaskets in between each layer to both  secure the layers while I soldered and to provide “shock absorption”.

Material used:
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