Stained Glass Mimic Lamp


So this is the most intense and epic piece I have created yet. This Mimic Lamp is made entirely out of stained glass and a few boro rods, and lit with led lights. The Beast totals 452 pieces of glass, at 12.25" wide, 14" tall, and 8.25" deep (10.75" inches if you include the  tongue that extends out). he took over 200 hours of work, probably half of which was done live on Twitch. I tried to put in as much dynamism as I could possibly could at my current skill level, to give the allusion that he is alive and moving. I was inspired to make him while watching and learning how to play D&D and liked the idea as a personal challenge. It was definitely a challenge, so much so that I ended up putting him away for 6 months out of frustration, most of which came from having no clue how to do the tongue.

Material used:
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