"These Are Leaves"


Browsing the thrift shop, I saw a slightly bent free standing wine rack with a handle, and windows and vines came into my mind.

I cut clear glass round circles in a variety of textures that reminded me of frost, rain, snow on windows and surrounded them with leaves in various shades and textures of green on copper wire, then put a square candle in the middle.

Each glass piece is wired onto the repurposed wine stand, and finished in copper patina. A three inch square candle fits inside, and I just happened to find one with a leaf on it - serendipitous indeed!

The title is from a ridiculous TV commercial that aired quite a while ago - my daughter and I thought (and still think) that commercial is hilarious, so we try to say "These Are Leaves" whenever we can.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2018 entry
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