Landscape & tree with exposed roots

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This was a four light private commission, comprising two full length door panels and two full length sidelights, forming a dividing screen between two parts of a large room. Approximate size of glass 8 ft x 6 ft. The customer wanted a large tree, with a degree of symmetry, and also liked the idea of exposed roots (something I had been working on for a piece for myself, coincidently). I opted for a selection of streaky cathedrals, confetti and antique glass. Using various glass painting techniques I added detail and texture to each piece of glass, picking out the texture of the tree bark, the grassy bank and adding subtle shafts of sunlight. Silver stain was used to give more movement to the leaves, making blues, green and cool greens warmer and to differentiate the near and distant landscape by changing the blue/purple streaky glass to green/brown in the foreground. each panel was leaded in two sections and fitted with three saddlebars per light.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2018 entry
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