A Tryptich of Gustave Klimpt's Lanscapes

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This custom piece fills an entire window of a Tudor stye home in the Rosedale Neighborhood of Toronto, Canada.  A William Morris Architectural plan based on a medieval dutch house.  This large dining room window faced the brick wall of the neighbors and needed rescuing.

This composition is a translation of 3 of Gustave Klimpt's paintings that feature a "Here, there, and Everywhere" style French garden complete with chickens....Look closely at the posture of the sunflower and you will find nuances to the "Madonna" Gustave Klimpt was originally aa Icon painter.

Glass used was many years of scraps of flashed glass from makers like: Fisher, Blenko, Benheim,etc.  Red on gold, red on purple, blue on red, red on white...carefully reclaimed from an eccliesiactical glass studio which I worked at for many years...as well as irridescent glass from spectrum, Wissmach, Kokomo, Bullseye fractured glass with streamers, Fisher, many types of antique glass...whatever worked to get the effect.

Glass is acid etched, engraved with a dentist drill point, sandblasted, painted kiln fired, and enameled.

Glazed in a combination of zinc, lead and copper and then backlit in the evening as an illuminated painting to dine by.....

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2018 entry
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