The Luther Rose and Viking Ship


This was my FIRST EVER stained glass art project!  It's called "The Luther Rose", after Martin Luther.  I was watching a documentary online one evening and saw this exact design and was able to freeze the frame and print out a picture of it. I am Norwegian-American and Lutheran and thought this was just so beautiful!  So, I called our local (and only!) stained glass art studio in the area and asked if I could take classes and see if I could make this.  I went down to the studio and showed the photo of the original, and he said, "Sure, you can make this, but it's not how we usually start lessons, we tend to start with something much simpler, but I can just show you a few methods, and then you're on your own!"  With very little help, this is what I was able to accomplish on my first try!  I know it's not perfect, but I was quite pleased, and now I'm hooked on stained glass art!  The Luther Rose took a total of 29 hours.  I am now on my second project, a Viking ship for my son's brithday coming up, which is now ready to be soldered (image of this is also attached and I will post the ship again when it's completely finished).  The Viking ship (after soldering) will have come to about 40 hours of work! 

Material used:
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