Crimson Rosella

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Measures 40 cm in Height

all System 96 Glass.... black frit lines... 

It is very simple and effective using 6 very easy steps..... 
1/ Cut out a base piece, that is from a 3mm sheet of clear. The complete outline of the piece.
2/ Then cut each piece individually as if you were making a copper foil piece leaving a slight even gap between each piece. 
3/ Assemble the pieces upon the base glass and “hold” them in position using an adhesive, I use hairspray. 
4/ Using a very light tack fuse schedule fire so the piece do not “deform” in anyway. 
5/ Then remove from the kiln and “push” powdered frit into the slight gap and completely clean any excess from the rest of the glass (this is very important as any left will spoil the piece)
6/ Then using a very slow ramp up refire at a full fuse.

And that is that, very simple yet very effective



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