Our Front Entry

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The first of 2 panels to flank our front door are complete. The design features a bramble of trees and branches that stretch across the glass and door to make one composition. This was my first piece larger than a square foot and was done in zinc with bonderized steel to brace the perimeter zinc frame. Additional steel was installed at 1/3 points across the panel to further stiffen the panel. I also modified the puddy and whiting with 50% water to create better hydration of the concrete paste and also added carbon black to keep the finished puddy nice and dark. Had to work quick though as the cement set up quickly after mix. The puddy got very hard and adds to the panel stiffness. Also kept a 1/8" gap between the window and the frame to allow for expansion and to accomodate any seismic shaking.

So far so good...

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