Ocean Landscape Commission

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This six panel, 54"x 36" fused glass, commission was for a Montessori school’s Fund the Future Campaign. It was a dynamic collaboration, with the ocean chosen to symbolize the school’s gathering momentum like a wave, and their vision for growth, with the support of the community. Also metaphorically, their dedication to flow organically like tides around obstacles and challenges to create new dimensions and structures. The depth of the waters also symbolized the depth of care and learning they provided their students with. Each contributing community member has their name engraved and then hand painted into the glass.

This glass installation was also inspired by the powerful rocky Maine coast where I grew up. The lower landscape is alive with abstract forms of animals, both playful and fantastical. The whole artwork is textured with handmade murrine, stringers, and layered micah powders, that express the beautiful intricacy of sea life, sea forms, and how they fluidly co-exist.

Material used:
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