Large Stained Glass, Beveled Glass Snowflake with Vintage Aqua Jewels

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Snowflakes possess the most delicate beauty that nature can bestow on this Earth. All of the senses come alive when Winter arrives and we are gifted with the sparkle, deep quiet and chill of snow. Exactly how long mankind has known that each snowflake is unique is a mystery but the magical effect is well known to everyone.

This lovely handmade snowflake was created with a variety of beveled glass shapes that produce colorful prisms from the reflected light of the sun. Clear hand-rolled antique glass and textured "snowflake" glass add variety to the piece along with vintage double-faceted light aqua glass jewels and small clear gems. Hand-polished and finished with a soft black patina.

Hung in a sunny window, this delightful snowflake is sure to bring a cheerful lightness into your home all throughout the year!

Measures 14" x 16"

Comes with 2 feet of sturdy black chain for hanging in that special window.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2019 entry