Interpreting the Rose Window

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The piece is a loose representation of the Rose Window that resides in the Mariners’ Church in Detroit, Michigan. The original window was made by the J. and R. Lamb Studios of New Jersey. The window was crafted and installed after the church was moved to its current location in 1955. The window replicates a ship’s compass and was commissioned by the Browning family as a memorial to their mother. The Browning family were associated with shipping on the Great Lakes and they owned Detroit’s famous Bob-Lo Island attraction. (Information and photos of the window can be found online.)

I did an original design based on the window. It is a copper foil piece with a lead came frame. It is round with a diameter of approximately 16.5". I was asked to do this project as a gift for someone who works at the Mariners' Church. Obviously I could not replicate the window's detail in miniature, so I focused on the basic main design elements to create a representation of the window. The four amber circles are actually honeycomb domed jewel glass pieces. Perhaps the most significant part of the piece is the ship in the center, which is highly important in the original window.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2019 entry
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