Blue Lotus Flower...Padma...Stained Glass Window Panel...

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Blue Lotus Flower (Padma)

***THIS PANEL IS OOAK (one-of-a-kind)***

“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.” -Buddhist Proverb

Lotus Flower (Sanskrit: Padma) is one of the most commonly used symbols throughout history. In Buddhism and Hinduism it represents a spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Just as the Lotus flower emerges from the water unsoiled, it symbolizes purity of body, speech and mind. The Lotus could be thought of as an awakened mind, which grows naturally toward the warmth and light of truth, love and compassion. The blue Lotus is the flower most often associated with Manjushri, the enlightened bodhisattva who was the embodiment of transcendent wisdom.

This beautiful round stained glass panel features a stylized light aqua blue Lotus flower with, at its center, one orange-red jewel adding just the right touch of sparkle! Textured glass in chartreuse completes the center in a vivid way. Vintage pale amber antique glass surrounds the lotus giving the impression of the flower floating, untethered, to its surrounding forms. Textured art glass in light amber comprises the adjoining circle which is interspersed with eight dazzling clear square bevels. Two blues combined within the same art glass form the largest segment of the panel creating a likeness, reminiscent of gentle rolling waves, to round out the piece's overall jewel-like quality. Finally, the border, in a natural shade of leafy green cathedral glass adds a soft complement to the blues and ambers. Finished in a soft black patina.

Framed in zinc came for strength and durability.

Measures 18" diameter

Comes with 2 feet of sturdy black chain for hanging in that special window.

Material used: