Seahorses and Sealife Stained Glass Panel Series

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I have been exploring the union of fused glass, glass painting and screen printing, and traditional stained glass.  This series of panels incorporate screen printed enamel sea horses and coral scenes, hand-painted kiln-fired turtles and sea life, and full fused precut turtles, all combined with glass nuggets and cast glass pieces using the Tiffany method.  The first two panels feature screen printed seahorses and coral, matched with blue and white baroque glass and cast glass seashells in an 8.5" x 14" panel, and aqua glass nuggets and a cast glass heart in the second 10" x 13" panel.  The third panel includes the fused pre-cut turtles, screnn printed coral, and a hand-painted turtle in an 8" x 11" panel.  The final piece includes four 4" hand-painted squares with turtles, reef fish, and jellyfish, and four screen printed coral and fish pieces in a 12" x 13" panel shown on a white background and in a window.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2020 entry
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