The Fifth Element Marble Scope

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This is a unique kaleidoscope/marblescope I created in 2019 utilizing the Ukranian made "floating" pewter astronaut as the focal point.There are real meteorite pieces decoratively soldered on to the scope body made of Oceanside blue/white opal art as well as polished "moonrocks" and various space related charms/planets and lampworked glass beads.The internal viewing front surface mirror system is made up of three mirrors.The scope was envisioned and created after scientists had discovered a  new heavy element,Element 117 in 2019. The 1.5" art glass marble is unsigned and marble artist is Dare Hawkins. 

Art Glass Festival 2020 entry
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020
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This one is right up my alley... errrr... um... SOLAR SYSTEM!! Very clever!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2020
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The Fifth Element Marble Scope is unique! It s represents an important time in our nation s history! This could easily be displayed in a museum!