Grapevine Table

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This project started with a table found at a thrift shop. It seemed to lend itself to a grapevine. It's a project with lead came and copper foil. The grapevine is stacked and soldered onto the background frame of lead. This is a well-traveled table as it has been across the country and back, twice. The first version was made with U-lead and rebar. I never got the rebar right and the table had a sag. It was delivered to its owner and the process of delivery, the owner inadvertently sat on the table and broke two of the panes. Sometime later, the table made it back to my workshop to be repaired. I decided to fix the sag as well as the broken glass. I completely tore the table apart, removed the U-came and rebar, and replaced it with wider flat came reinfored with strong line, and added a few more leaves. PICTURES; First: the "fixed" verson. Second: The table. Third: The original version set in the table, which also has a full glass cover (not shown). Fourth: Original version showing the layers and the sag. Fifth: Fixed version layers and no sag.