Archer, Shiba Pup

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Archer is my grandpup living across the country from me.  I wanted to capture all his unique markings and I think I did.  Everytime I look at his picture I smile; he's such a sweetheart.   Originally after I got my pattern drawing finished I looked at it and thought maybe my son and daughter-in-law wouldn't want a glass likeness of their dog.   I decided not to proceed.  During a recent visit  I showed my son the pattern.  I told him I was going to make it but thought they wouldn't want a glass picture of their dog. In addition, I never made an animal in stained glass and didn't know if it would come out looking like him.  He told me to show the drawing to his wife.  She took one look and was so excited; thus Archer was immortalized in glass.  Goes to show you never know what people will like. 

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