Quetzal in Flight

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When I first learned stained glass about 10 years ago, I always had a dream to make a quetzal in a panel. I actually saw one of these endangered birds at Monte Verde, Costa Rica when I was studying at La Universidad de Costa Rica. I could never find a pattern that pleased me, and I became busy making items for gifts and to sell in craft shows. When the quarantine began last year, I decided it was time. Also I had become more confident in making my own patterns.

I usually prefer cutting the glass by hand, but that would have required too many lines from the wings in the pattern. For the pieces around the wings (see photo 2 and 4) I used a glass saw.


The fourth photo shows the beautiful green and brown glass I used for the rain forest. I wanted to use it all along the bottom of the panel, but didn’t have enough of the glass. But it worked out really well. It looks like a mountain. Quetzals only live in cloud forests above 4,000 feet, so it fit perfectly. 


25 1/2 x 15 1/2 Stained Glass Panel, Copper foil method

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry
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