Tide Pool

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Our Tide Pool is 44"w x 42"h and 1000+ foiled pieces.  The eyes on the birds are Onyx and the crabs are Obsidian, cabochons.  Above the claw of the crab underwater, as well as around the submerged beak of the Heron, are 2mm cabochons of Opal, "bubbles".  Mother of Pearl, shell, fossil, Jasper, and a lens for inverting an image that became an octopus eye, are part of the various makes of stained glass in this piece.  The Sea Anemone is about 6" in diameter and has 186 pieces, and the Mussel shells used up a 4' x 2' sheet to get just the right look.  The frame is made of Sapele Mahogany, with no corner seams, and the piece is illuminated with a custom LED panel.  It was a labor of love and is dedicated to my loving wife, who has empowered me so much during the past 30 years.  We enjoy it every day.

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry
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