Madonna and Child

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This is a glass mosaic on wedi board creation. It measures 30 inches x 36 inches.

As a mother and a Christian I have always been inspired and in awe of the power of the Mother and Child imagery. After my younger brother's untimely passing my niece became pregnant with her first child. I wanted to honor this celebration of life after tragedy by creating this piece.

Besides the religious implications of Mother and child is the ordinary yet extraordinary act of becoming a mother. The close bond and the unending need to shelter one's offspring is another reason why this image is so powerful and resonates with so many people.

My niece was overcome with emotion when I gifted her with this piece to commemorate our bond as aunt and niece and our strength in carrying on despite our loss. New life is also an integral emotion I wished to convey in this piece.

I hope you love it as much as we do.


Art Glass Festival 2021 entry
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