We all have our own Pegasus to chase.

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Pegasus Art Deco style panel sized 18.5" X 22.5". Original stained glass pattern based upon the work of M. Kungl.

Copper foil construction method, using primarily Freemont Antique flashed glass, GNA and 50 yr old Antique Mouthblown black glass found in an abandoned shed in rural NC. All pieces cut by hand.

Utilized an approach to cut the whole wing from a single piece, so that the glass markings run through and across the pattern lines.

I noticed that there isn't much in the way of stained glass during the art deco period, except for geometric pieces. So have been exploring designing stained glass patterns in the art deco style. Challenging because of the geometry and difficult angles in pieces from this period.

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry