Green Dreams

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Glass fused and layered over 70 pieces of glass hand cut and crafted together.  16" tall at it's highest point and 9" wide. Transparent hand rolled green, opaque white, green fritt and stringers make up the large background that is layered and fused in the first firing.  The center bar is made of 61 pieces of clear, transparent, iridescent and dichroic glass fused togher in stacks of two or more in the first firing.  The side piece was hand cut and formed in the image of three dancing flames using fiber paper to give depth and definition in the first and second firing.  After the first firing in the kiln the center bar was assembled and added to the background.  The flames were then added to the side and all pieces were fired for the second time completing the piece.  The sun definitely shines and plays with the colors reflecting light and making beautiful rainbow images.  This is an amazing piece.  

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry