Round Stained Glass Window Panel..."Pink Hearts"...Vintage Plate...

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“Pink Hearts”...

What image could express love more poetically than a circle of beautiful pink hearts? This simple, yet vibrant, panel posses a quality of sweetness in its simplicity.

It’s impossible to separate feelings of love from our hearts. The one Truth experienced by the whole of the Universe is that everything, seen and unseen, vibrates to Love. It is the matrix of our very existence.

The outer circle of this beautiful piece is comprised of iridescent clear glass with the texture of gentle waves of water. At the center is a 6” vintage clear plate in the shape of an open flower. Surrounding the plate are light and dark shades of pink that sparkle when illuminated by light. Many people do not realize that pink glass is created by the addition of gold, which adds something precious to the overall effect of light, glass and treasure.

Framed in zinc came with a soft black patina and hand polished to a low luster finish.

Comes with 2 feet of black chain to hang in that special window.

Measures: 14" in diameter

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry