The Cuban Beauty (La Bella Cubana)

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This 3´5´´ x  7´7´´ stained glass work was commissioned to us by the restoration office of our town to decorate the rehearsal hall of our local symphonic orchestra.

The place has the name of the most important Cuban violinist “José White”, born in the 19th century and whose one of the most famous pieces is “The Cuban Beauty”.

This stained glass work, not only shows how exquisite the White´s music is, but the beauty of our city as well. Through a violin - woman´s body three rivers are passing, as those bathing the shores of Matanzas and the lady also becomes a royal palm tree, which is our national tree.

The whole work was done using the Tiffany´s technique of copper foils and tin. The smaller fishes were full fused using bullseye glass, bullseye powders and some copper fine sheets. The framework is out of steel.

The AD signature stands for Ania and David

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry