Under the Sea

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Lead came stained glass panel 28" by 12" in oak frame showing an underwater scene taken from a story my kids loved as children.  I made it for my sister Alice, but it fell over cracking several pieces shortly after it was finished.  Even so, she still wanted it.  I sent it with the following.

I hope you will enjoy this stained glass window; even though, it is imperfect.  I am sorry it broke, but it kind of fits with my fractured existence.  The struggles I have overcome have left their glowing marks, and the struggles I have lost have left their deep cracks, but my picture is only a whole with a mix of light and dark.  May this window remind you that you are loved and that I stand with you in your struggles.  I pray that your heart will always beat true even if at times like mine it needs a little glue.

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry