Underwater Adventure

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This piece was made by originally making the coral using Glenda Kronke's technique. I recolored and refired it several times. It seemed fragile for a bowl so I thought I'd try to make a somewhat of a portrait out of glass. I found a fantastic local little store called Classical Glass in Algonquin, Illinois that had just the background I was looking for. Then I asked the all knowing glass artists that populate Facebook for an idea and someone mentioned sand. Viola sand was added. I started looking at freeze and fuse demonstrations and ordered some candy molds on line and started making fish, shells, seaweed, turtles, etc out of powdered glass. I swear I ordered a different candy mold each day. I used some vitrigraph purchased online to enhance the seaweed. It took several weeks to compose, make the glass items and glue it together. Then off to Classical Glass where the owner let me rent the kiln to fuse. It came out better then I hoped for. The sand stayed grainy, the fish and turtles kept their shape, and the seahorse actually looks as if the tail is holding on to the coral. A little fact that my Hawaiian husband shared with me. Although I never though about putting it near a window, the effect is amazing. It actually looks like you are underwater. A big shout out to all the glass artists that supported and encouraged me along the way.

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry