Imagine a Red Glass Bonsai !!!

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I have always enjoyed the curves and twining limbs of the Twisted Hazelnut bush.  Last fall, after removing the dead branches, I wanted to make something pretty out of them..  Eventually I was inspired to create a miniature glass bonsai using a few pieces of the trimmed branches.As shown above, the first step was adding branches to the trunk, then attaching split H style lead came to the branches and to create more limbs. (I used a razor knife to split the lead came) Next I cut, ground, foiled and added a central leaf vein to two different sized leaves for about 103 leaves. A big challenge was to obscure the lead came and the wire holding the came by the placement of the leaves.The finished piece is about 7 inces tall and 12 inches wide.  I added glass nuggets to the base to create a fuller bonsai experience.  I attached the nuggets with a hot glue gun. The copper "bushes" on the base are, just that, copper wire from stranded electrial wire.

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry