What Would The Past Tell Us

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I was inspired to create this piece due to the Coronavirus pandemic and started creating it during quarantine. As we were being bombarded everyday with new terms and details about the pandemic, I, like many others. was looking back at the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and wondering what they would tell us. This hat and  "hat-mask" is based directly from historic images of women fastening fabric to their hats so they can go out safely in public. I found it humbling that although we are over a century apart, many similarities remain between us and I found that connection made the gap in time feel small. In addition, although we have experienced divisive social differences during this time, some positives remain and that is our values. The value of relationships between friends and family and the value of the arts. During COVID-19, when everyone was missing their loved ones, the one thing everyone turned to for comfort was the arts, whether it be music, binge-watching tv shows, or making art themselves for comfort, the arts is what got people through those never ending days on quarantine. I hope that this revelation on the importance of the arts, will impact them going forward from having ample funding for the arts in schools to viewing the artist profession with esteem and salaries which reflect their importance. I hope my piece inspires hope for the future and our shared values over our differences. 

Art Glass Festival 2021 entry