Custom mold for breast cancer ribbons

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I used 'Pink Champaign" frit for this in a mold I made from Paper Clay (If you want to make custom molds easily that you can bisque fire in your glass kiln, I strongly recommend paper clay.  I was disappointed that the final color after firing was closer to champaign than pink.  I'll probably need to pound on some glass I know fires up pink to get a real breast cancer survivor ribbon out of this.

Source for paper clay: e.g.:

Also available at most Michael stores.  Bisque fires at about 1100F After drying it I usually leave it overnight in the kiln at 200F to be sure the piece is bone dry before then firing.

Easy frit maker for those of us with concrete floor basements:  Wrap some small pieces of glass in a towel and pound on the towel with a hammer.  Pound until the frit is the desired fine-ness.  Be sure to wrap so pieces don't fly and wear safety glasses anyway just in case.