Painted Bunting among the rain drops

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This is the third 3D birds in a cage that I completed, this one commissioned for a friend here at Oak Hammock CCRC in Gainesville, FL. The bird is a painted bunting. The buyer loved the small glass dangles so there are a variety of types included. I loved the pictures I saw of the wings of this bird so went to some trouble to put in some detail with the glass to show this. The shape of the cage is also different from either of the other two as I like all my work to be original. This is hanging in a beautiful arched window in the buyer's apartment.  

I originally got the idea for making these from two paintings hanging on the walls here showing antique birdcages.  In looking at these I one day realized I could use the basic technique of stained glass whirls, which I'd done several times, but instead of making circles or hexagons, make the bird cages.  This has opened up many other possible 3D designs for me.