Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Prairie Style 22

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Prairie Style 22 by Alex Spatz was included in the Glass Patterns Quarterly, Summer 1995, Vol. 11, No. 2.

I selected colors that would go with my décor and opted to use a zinc came for the frame over wood. I also chose to use the copper foil method instead of zinc came. This was my first attempt at bending came with a came bender and it could not have been easier. The panel is 20” and a 6 ft. piece of came was just big enough to make the frame.

Materials used:

·       3/8” zinc came for frame

·       1” square double bevels

·       Clear Ribbed

·       Oceanside Clear Rain Water

·       Oceanside Yellow, Medium Amber, Blue Artique Transparent

·       Oceanside Yellow, Medium Amber, Blue Transparent

·       Wissmach English Muffle Selenium Red

·       Kokomo Dark Amber Opal Old Mississippi

·       Clear Ream

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