Floral Mosaic, in an Upcycled, Primitive Window Frame

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44" x 24"

First mosaic I've made-bought an old 5$ window frame with a handle, and gave myself a challenge of:

A-I couldn't cut any pcs, so I picked up random art glass scraps from all over my studio, and got the idea for flowers and stems, and

B-creating a pattern completely on the fly as I adhered each individual pc of glass down

I used a mix of colored opaque and transluscents, textured clears for the horizon and skyline, mirror glass for part of the 'frame', glass globs, a big rondel for the 'sun', plus glazed Italian porcelain ceramic pcs from some hallway sconces I had unfortunately broken during my house construction, they became the flower 'pots' at the bottom

Art Glass Festival 2022 entry