Round Stained Glass Window Panel..."Kaleidoscope"...

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Most of us have experienced the joy of playing with a kaleidoscope, creating stunning and beautiful designs endlessly reflected from the mirrors and bits of glass within.

This lovely stained glass panel is reminiscent of that joy with the reminder that beauty is on the inside. The light going into the kaleidoscope is life itself, with its myriad shapes, colors and beauty.

The outer circle of this lovely piece is comprised of cathedral glass in bronze, suggestive of the texture of gentle waves of water. At the center is a red-orange geometric flower with an amber pistil and small glass jewel, olive green leaves and four vintage multifaceted green jewels that add a touch of sparkle when illuminated by the sun. Rounding out the center medallion are a variety of textured handmade glass, all in pale sky blue. And lastly, surrounding the medallion is a ring of handmade art glass in clear with small bits of dark red and green glass fired onto its surface and embellished with four clear glass bevels.

Framed in zinc came with a soft black patina and hand polished to a low luster finish.

Comes with 2 feet of black chain to hang in that special window.

Measures: 18" in diameter