SoCal Trestles

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So this Stained Glass Piece started with the Surf Board, I didn’t think I could pull off the palm tree part of the board but I got lucky, then I had to place it somewhere and decided to try the VW to lean it on, talk about ambitious adventure the pieces were tiny and tough to grind, I used mirror glass for the Bus Trim, then I had to figure out where to place the Van n board, trestles at old Man’s/Churches on Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton, CA came to mind as I spent many, many years Stationed there… the Palm tree came next and the waves were extremely tough to pull off and it was important to me to capture the water through the Vans windows. The sunset had to be magnificent and still the eyes can find pleasure throughout the piece… every piece of glass was hand cut, grinded, copper taped and soldered… I’m stoked thus far of the results… I’ve still got the frame, flip n solder the other side, and polish it before it’s done… I will have over 100 hrs into this piece… but hey it sends me back to those Surf days I so enjoyed… hope you dig it … ????

Art Glass Festival 2023 entry