Warm Heart of Sparkling Copper

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This necklace will definitely get noticed and make a statement.  It is made of a mix of new materials and recycled and repurposed jewelry components.  The heart itself is roughly 3" wide x 2 3/4"; including the beads dangling at the base the height becomes 4".  The copper chain and copper lobster claw closure at the back make this piece adjustable, roughly 15" to 18" long.  The base of the heart of course is the diamond patterned Copper Mesh.  the center oval is a piece from a broken bracelet.  The leaf-shaped piece over top of the oval and the rhinestones surrounding the oval were salvaged from a damaged (and tacky) pair of earrings.  The leaf embellishment was silver, and I painted it with a glass and metal paint to make it more coherent with the rest of the structure.  The Acanthus leaf shapes on either side and with scrolled ends were also earrings.  I removed the clips and stretched the wire tips to better fit the shape I needed.  The various pieces are glued securely and wired into place.  The wire used is a 20 gauge (fine) brown copper wire that blends so as not to detract.  The square beads along the lower section of the heart were 'slip stitched' into place.  The heart centerpiece hangs from a combination of 20 gauge brown copper wire that I crocheted and a copper chain that is woven into the crocheted wire.  The chain extends past the wire ends which are secured to the chain allowing a more comfortable single chain along the back of the neck.  I absolutely love working with this copper mesh.  It is sturdy enough to support this piece yet can be cut to shape with a pair of scissors.  It has added an entirely new dimension to my jewelry design and I am so excited to see where it takes my creations. 

Ring Of Fire Contest 2010 entry
Item Used: Metal Mesh
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