The American Dream

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"The American Dream"

Delphi products used: Milleifiori Spring Mix , 1/8" Diamond Copper Mesh, and 20 Guage round Fine Silver Wire, and Dichroic Economy Pattern Scrap, as well as Acrylic Enamel Paint accents, #7441 kiln shelf, Bullseye Aqua Blue Tint /white streaky glass, Bullseye Peapod glass, my Glastar Super Star II Grinder....and more!

I designed my 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" glass tile to fit in my tiny little kiln, thinking of the American Dream:

A beautiful row of homes in different shapes, sizes, and colors, set against a backdrop of rolling green hills, purple mountains, and a blue sky.  A copper fence with silver wire borders a pretty little garden of millefiori flowers, and the landscaping includes millefiori trees, and a little copper trellis.

The houses were created by making tiny little sculptures of little houses, then rubber molds, then filling them with powdered bullseye glass with the individual colors placed carefully into the shapes to accent the windows, roof, columns, trim, etc.  A touch-up of Acrylic Enamel paints was added in the final firing.

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Ring Of Fire Contest 2010 entry
Item Used: Millifiori Spring Mix