Gold Pink Rubino Oro Striking Transparent 1/4 Lb Bundle - 104 COE

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Product Features

  • Rich, hot colors that will make your art pop!
  • Made from Effetre Italian glass. 104 COE
  • Striker glass color matures in flame

Product Description

Special Color rods offer incredibly rich hot colors to make your art pop! Each vibrant opaque rod will create stunning single color beads or can be used for festive accents. Rods are about 13" long. 1/4 lb bundle. 104 COE.

Effetre rods, also known as Italian rods, are 104 COE. This soft glass is easy to manipulate for beads and small sculptural forms. Everything from brilliant rainbow colors to unique subtle shades can be found, making this extensive selection ideal for the artist that wants it all.

Note: Striker glass matures to the color shown upon firing. Colors may vary, depending on firing schedule, rate, atmosphere, and heat work. For color-sensitive projects, test before use.