120/220 Silicon Carbide Grit - 1 Lb

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  • An ideal medium for the wet polishing process
  • Great for use when upcycling with cut bottles
  • 120/220 grit offers a coarse grit for the first stages of polishing
  • 1 lb. package

Product Description

Silicon carbide grit is an ideal medium for wet polishing processes. Available in different grits appropriate for the multi-step process of shaping, refining and finishing a surface, each plays a vital role in producing a high gloss finish.

Use silicon carbide with the Rociprolap Grinder/Polisher (item #94801) for finishing glass art, with lapidary grinders, or in a tumbler to finish natural gem stones.

120/220 grit contains a range of particle sizes, which will remove material to provide a uniform surface ready for polishing. 1 lb.