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The Biggest Names in Glass Art are at Delphi! Guest Instructors teach year round and their classes cover various types of glass crafts ranging from the basics to specialty techniques.

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Get to know each artist and see their work on Pinterest. Find the class that is right for you, but hurry as space is limited and classes fill fast. Plan your trip to Delphi and see all the exciting things going on year round. You can always learn something new at Delphi whether attending a Guest Instructor class, visiting the store during one of our many FREE Store Events or by taking one of our regularly scheduled classes. The possibilities to Be Creative are endless.

John Sollinger

John Sollinger (Solly) is an artist and educator, based in Ashland, Oregon, USA. With stained glass pieces chaotically arranged, he produces mosaic wall-hangings that portray
plants and fire or water in realistic-to-impressionistic landscapes of Western USA forests. His techniques developed in isolation, and his visual vocabulary was sculpted by biology. Solly has earned major awards in international, mosaic and all-media competitions. He presents at mosaic conferences and offers workshops at home and overseas. In USA his mosaics have been featured in popular press, coffee-table books, trade journals, art magazines and advertisements for art organizations and competitions.
John's Classes
Learn Solly's signature fluid double reverse technique, whereby the entire mosaic is assembled without adhesive. Then it is flipped to expose the backside of the mosaic. An adhesive-covered substrate is laid over the mosaic and then the mosaic (+ substrate) is flipped a second time, exposing the front side of the mosaic. This session should particularly benefit those who enjoy stepping outside their comfort zone in search of new ways of thinking and making, those who feel that they spend too much time removing adhered tesserae, and those who wish to work more quickly and without the mess created by frequent handling of adhesives. A slide presentation, in which Solly provides an overview of the technique, will be followed by a brief demonstration and Q&A session. In the remaining time students will practice this method in at least one dry run before working on a 12 x 12 inch mosaic, using images and designs that are provided by Solly. Solly will assist those who are new to using stained glass (cutting techniques), and share his processes for choosing images to mosaic, color schemes, framing, layering, and, if desired, methods Solly employs to create an illusion of 3-D and realism.
Friday - Sunday, March 22-24

Carol Shelkin

Specializing in Realistic Stained Glass Mosaics, Carol Shelkin creates contemporary fine art and intricate mosaic designs that feature eminent care and attention to detail
using hand-cut, high quality stained glass. Carol employs a very eclectic approach to surface design, placing glass where she, as a painter naturally places paint.

Tim Drier and Deb Crowley

Specializing in Hollow Forms in Borosilicate, Tim Drier is a scientific glassblower and an instructor at Corning Studios in New York. He has also taught at
the University of Michigan, Dearborn and has been doing glass for over 25 years. Tim has been applying his scientific glassblowing expertise to artistic flameworking. He concentrates on creating goblets, vases and human sculptural forms.

Liz Haas

Liz Haas lives in San Diego, CA and is a teacher, trainer and show coordinator for Rayzist Photomask for the past 15 years. She has in-depth knowledge of photoresist film and sandcarving process.
For the past 10 years she has actively taught workshops on the photoresist and the sandcarve process. In 2009, Liz started working with glass artists and incorporating the photoresist process into art glass. Liz travels setting up and coordinates all trade shows in the USA teaching the sandcarving process to new businesses. Several of her photoresist and sandcarving articles have been published in engraving magazines as well as articles showing specific techniques in sandcarving.

Joseph Cavalieri

Specializing in Stained Glass Glass Painting, Joseph is the owner and manager of CAVAglass Studios, in New York City. He works on art projects from conception to production and installation of the art.
Techniques include hand painted, silk screened, and airbrushed stained glass. He produces one of a kind commissions for private clients, art exhibitions and public art.
Joseph currently teaches workshops for painting techniques on the glass surface including workshops at Pratt (Seattle), National College of Art and Design (Dublin), The Fire Station (Dublin), and Uroboros in Portland (WA)
Joseph's Classes
Aesop's Fables in Stained Glass

Gloria Badiner

Specializing in Glass Casting and Advanced Fusing. Gloria Badiner owns Arts & Artifacts Studio in Mattawan Michigan. She is a Glass Arts Workshop Instructor
at the Kendall School of Design, at the Ox Bow Art Institute of Chicago Summer School and has taught at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts along with private studios and businesses throughout the U.S. Gloria has had several exhibitions and her work is represented by various art galleries.
Gloria's Classes
Kiln Forming - A Review with Gloria Badiner

Michael Dupille

Specializing in Realistic Frit Fusing and Tranchant du Verre, Seattle resident Michael Dupille was part of the glass blowing program at Central Washington University in the early 70's.
Since the late 1980's he has worked extensively with glass, having developed and refined a technique for 'painting with glass' that uses crushed glass (frit) in combination kiln fired methods. He refers to this process as fritography. Michael pioneered many kiln forming processes, especially in the area of mold making and kiln casting. He has done design work for Bullseye Glass, was a guest artist and instructor at Camp Colton, and his creative input is well featured in Boyce Lundstrom's books on art glass techniques. His work is highly collectible and his numerous public and private commissions include projects for the Washington and Oregon State Arts Commissions, The Everett Cultural Commission, The Seattle Times, The Pierce County Arts Commission, and the Seattle Mariners. View Michael's products.
Michael's Classes
Fritography With a Twist

Patty Gray

Specializing in Advanced Fusing Techniques, Patty was an art student in college working primarily in clay when she was introduced to glass blowing in 1973.
With her husband she built their first glass blowing studio in 1975. Patty began working with fusing glass in the early 80's; she had to do lots of experimenting because there was not a lot of information available at that time. Patty and her husband have been producing architectural fused/cast glasswork for installations in major hotels, public buildings and private residences for over ten years. Her work is included in numerous private and public collections and has been shown in galleries and exhibitions. View Patty's products.
Patty's Classes
Advanced Fusing Techniques

Stephanie O'Toole

Stephanie is a self taught ceramic, glass and oil painting artist as well as a small business owner, wife and mother. She lives in Kansas and is inspired by nature and people of character.
She creates glass and ceramic pieces for her full time business, Creative Paradise, Inc., paints on canvas and takes photos for pleasure. Stephanie hopes that her art will bring as much enjoyment to the viewer as they did to her as she created them.
Stephanie's Classes
Fusing with Creative Paradise

Tony Glander

Tony Glandar has enjoyed teaching classes for the past 20+ years. He owned a glass art retail store in Gaithersburg MD for 11 years and hosted many nationally known glass teachers.
For the past 16 years, he has been teaching stained glass, fused glass, etching and his favorite-screen printing on glass at his studio in the Gaithersburg Arts Barn and doing commission work from his home studio. He has written many articles on glass art and contemporary glass artists and presents online webinars through Glass Art magazine. He is presently the president of the American Glass Guild.

Wesley Wong

Specializing in Dimensional Fused Glass and Fused Mosaics, Wesley Wong is an award-winning artist who designs and produces custom glass art from his studio in San Jose, California.
His passion for glass started in 1981 with stained glass, which eventually lead him into mosaics and fused glass. His work features lots of bright colors and intricate patterns and has been exhibited in many juried glass and mosaic shows throughout the United States. Wesley enjoys sharing his glass knowledge with other artists and teaches glass workshops through his studio and at the Institute of Mosaic Art and the Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley, CA. He is a member of the Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists (ASGLA), Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA), and Contemporary Mosaic Art (CMA). He has written articles for Glass Patterns Quarterly, and is a regular contributor to the ASGLA annual stained glass lamps calendar.

Nathan Sandberg

Specializing in Kiln Formed Glass, Portland, Oregon resident Nathan Sandberg is an artist and educator. His primary material is glass although his installations commonly make use of other materials such as wood, metal and concrete.
Aside from relentlessly producing artwork he has made a name for himself as one of the top kiln-glass educators teaching today. When he can't be found in his studio he can be found presenting fresh, innovative curriculum at a wide range of studios, schools and art centers around the United States as well as internationally.
Nathan's Classes
Vitrigraph Murrine & Lidded Boxes

Lisa St. Martin

Classically trained in Art Education and Art History at the University of Maryland and with graduate courses in Glass Technology at the University of Kansas,
Lisa has been working with hot glass for over thirty-five years. Receiving a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Lisa studied glassblowing and engraving at the Jon Meyer Studio and with artisans from Steuben in Corning. With work all over the world and in many books, Lisa's time is spent refining her craft, developing new techniques and teaching. She is the 2010 recipient of The International Society of Glass Beadmakers Hall of Flame Award. She lives in northern Virginia where she continues exploring the fine art of glass and flameworking.
Lisa's Classes
Dichroic Exploration
Silver Glass Spectacular

Kim Fields

Specializing in Glass Beadmaking and Jewelry Design. On a whim, in 1999, Kim took a beginner's lampworking class. Just a year later she found that working with glass was so fulfilling,
she decided to leave her 20-year corporate career behind and devote herself completely to the art of glass beadmaking and jewelry design. Kim has taught at many of the most prestigious glass studios throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe and Japan. Her recent work can be seen at shows, galleries, and in numerous publications.
Nature has always informed and inspired her creativity, and it is the primary influence for her beads. Through the colors and textures of each bead design, Kim strives to capture a small reflection of nature's beauty. Kim is a birdwatcher and using a sculptural approach, she endeavors to capture them in greater detail. Lampworking is a growth process for her and she will continue to explore new ways to express herself through glass.
Kim's Classes
Sculptured Butterflies
Sculptured Birds

Kent Lauer

Specializing in aceted Dichroic Jewelry and Beveling, Kent Lauer has been working with glass for more than 30 years. What started with a fascination
soon became a career. Kent learned to bevel early in his art glass career, and was determined to find out everything he could about pushing the limits of beveled glass. His work has since been seen worldwide, in important homes and historic buildings.
Kent's Classes
Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendant
Advanced Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants
Ceramic Ornaments

Charlie Shoulders

Specializing in Sculptural Forms in Borosilicate, Charlie creates a variety of work including wildlife sculpture, vessels, marbles and pendants. No two pieces are alike.
Charlie uses glass rod, frit and powders, along with dichroic glass, precious metals and some gemstones, employing techniques learned through training with several glass masters.
Charlie's Classes
Marble Techniques in Borosilicate Glass with Charlie Shoulders

Deb Crowley

Specializing in Flameworking Techniques with Soft and Hard Glass, Deb has been creating art for over 40 years, 25 of that in glass. She creates blown, lampworked, fused, sandblasted
and all types of cold worked glass like stained and faceted. Many of these techniques are incorporated into her art work. She have taught nationwide over twenty years now and really enjoys passing on her knowledge to others.

Cathy Claycomb

Specializing in Dimensional Copper Foil Techniques, Cathy Claycomb is nationally recognized for her self-developed copper foil-overlay methods;
Cathy developed her unique style of copper foil 'sculpture' in an effort to bring more realism to her stained glass work. Her art is in galleries and private collections across the country as well as abroad. She has been featured in multiple glass industry magazines, and is the author of a video describing her unique copper foil overlay soldering techniques.
Cathy's Classes
Hidden Images 3-D Copper Foil Overlay
Going "Head-to-Head" with Stained Glass
Sticks and Gem Stones

Tom Snyder

We are a Charlotte, North Carolina glass design business, dedicated to providing "glass as an art form", by creating fused and mosaic glass products to residences, restaurants and commercial businesses.
We combine our artistic talents and experienced glass cutting skills to produce custom glass products with applications for kitchen backsplashes, accent tiles, borders, cabinet panels, fireplace surrounds, wall art and murals, furniture, table tops, backlit backsplashes and bar fronts, vases, platters, wall sconces and other lighting applications.
Tom's Classes
Mosaic Floral Murals

Bonnie Fitzgerald

Specializing in Mosaics, Bonnie Fitzgerald is an artist, teacher and author. Her passion is designing and creating one-of-a-kind artwork and guiding art enthusiasts,
young and old alike, on the journey to discover and develop their own personal artistic voice through the art of mosaics. Bonnie is also founder of Maverick Mosaics, a company specializing in art education and unique learning experiences, including international travel adventures and workshops led by mosaic artists from around the world.
Bonnie's Classes
Exterior Mosaics Using Stained Glass

Peter McGrain

Specializing in Traditional Glass Painting, Vitri-Fusáille®, Peter McGrain is a teacher, writer, and artist who has been working with stained glass for nearly 25 years.
During this time he has handled every type of stained glass project imaginable; ranging in scope from intimate experimental panels to large-scale architectural installations. His award winning art work has been exhibited internationally. He currently maintains an independent studio in Washington state where he creates his own experimental work as well as architectural commissions for his clients throughout the U.S. and Asia. View Peter's products.
Peter's Classes
Glass Painting and Vitri-Fusaille Technique

Janet Schrader

Specializing in Fused Imagery and Dichroic Jewelry, Janet Schrader has won both local and national competitions for her stained glass and jewelry designs.
Janet has been doing glass since 1979. Her desire to find something exciting and different to do with glass helped her create new designs and one of a kind works of art. The same desire for something new has lead her to write eleven art glass design and instructional books that are distributed by CKE publications.
Janet's Classes
Nature's Splendor
Fused Glass Pictures
More Innovative Glass Jewelry

Margaret Zinser

Specializing in Sculpting Soft Glass with Enamel Painting, Margaret Zinser has been flameworking since 2001. Her work has been featured in the Flow, Bead & Button,
Step By Step Beads, Bead Unique, and in galleries in the U.S., Canada, and Japan. She teaches group classes in studios nationwide and abroad, and private classes in her studio in Tucson, Arizona.
Margret's Classes
Bugs, Butterflies, and Mazes: Sculpting and Enamel Painting
Flora and Fauna