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This spring, both System 96 and Bullseye have announced the expansion of their color palettes, and both have offered up some inspired (and inspiring) new hues for your glass art. The colors capture some of the more subtle shades that appear in nature when the lighting is just right - those magic moments when the world takes your breath away.

They are also the colors that appear in tremendous works of art, from memorable paintings to your next project. Let these fresh colors inspire your designs. We're proud to introduce the latest hues here:

Blue Topaz Transparent mimics both the clarity and color of its namesake gemstone. Rounding out the selection between Sky Blue and Deep Aqua, this color blends beautifully with all the blues you already love. In addition, it creates fantastic reactions with Red Reactive or many Amber color glasses.

Apple Jade Opal captures the rare and beautiful hue of the precious stone it is named for, providing a green that manages to be both vibrant and subtle at the same time.

Hydrangea Opal is a lively, delicate color that captures the essence of the flower it was named for. Whether you consider this unique color a blue or a purple, it will be a stand-out shade in either group.

Chambray Opal offers a warm, soft blue tone that borders on gray. This color will look perfectly at home amongst Alpine Blue and Riviera Blue in the System 96 color palette, and is a near neighbor to the new Payne's Gray Opal. With the introduction of this shade, having the blues has never felt so good.

Payne's Gray Opal is a complex hue that blurs the line between blue and gray. Named for William Payne, the 18th century British watercolorist who used it prolifically, you'll quickly fall in love with all the ways you can use this tone as well.

Shown here for inspiration:

Hovel near Yalmton, Devon painting by William Payne with System 96 glass: Cloud Opal, Paynes Gray Opal, Chambray Opal, Stone Opal and Pewter Opal

Hydrangea flower with System 96 glass: Medium Blue Opal, Riviera Blue Opal, Turquoise Blue Opal, Turquoise Green Opal, Hydrangea Opal, Apple Jade Opal and Pale Green Opal

Indigo Blue Opal completes the selection of 90 COE blue opalescent glass by providing a true, deep blue.

Cream Opal provides a perfect warm neutral to use when your project needs layers of near-white tones.

Artichoke Opal is the pale green that can be found in its namesake.

Mink Opal is aptly named, summing up the luxuriant tone of this rosy brown.

Celadon Opal mimics the stunning jade green color found in ceramic glazes that have been popular since the 1st century AD.

Elephant Opal is sure to be HUGE! This warm gray tone is both rich and subtle at the same time, making it certain to become a go-to neutral in your glass selection. Whether you're looking for tree bark, storm clouds, sullen seas or creating it's namesake, this is the gray you'll want to grab.

Dusty Blue Opal offers a slightly muted tone of blue that still manages to feel vibrant and rich.

Warm White Opal is just off-white, for those times when you don't need a lot of color, but pure white would be too stark.

Shown here for inspiration:

Stampede by Lightning painting by artist Frederic Remington, with Bullseye Compatible glass: Dusty Blue Opal, Elephant Gray Opal, Artichoke Opal, Mink Opal, Warm White Opal, Indigo Opal, Celadon Opal and Cream Opal.

Sea turtle with Bullseye Compatible glass: Deep Red Opal, Turquoise Opal, Mink Opal, Cinnabar Opal, Burnt Orange Opal, Cream Opal, Warm White Opal, Indigo Opal, Dusty Blue Opal, Light Cyan Opal and Egyptian Blue Opal

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Karina Foster

Karina Foster

Karina Foster been at Delphi since 1998. She started in customer service and later transferred to the merchandising department where she currently works to create Delphi catalogs and marketing materials. She is also responsible for Delphi's e-Commerce program. In addition, Karina is a talented glass artist. She has always loved art in any form, and has a self-proclaimed "over-stuffed" home art studio to prove it.