Stained Glass News March 2013 Edition - 5 Hot Products for Spring

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Here's our list of the 5 hottest new and featured items from the March 2013 of Stained Glass News:

1. Creator's Premium Bottle Cutter

Creator's Bottle CutterBottle Art Projects

What can the makers of the popular Cutter's Mate and Beetle Bits Cutting Systems do with a bottle cutter? It turns out - A LOT! They have designed a premium, top-of-the-line bottle cutter that is sturdy, easy to use and gives superior results. We love the special features on the Creator's Bottle Cutter, especially the aluminum slide bar ruler which makes cutting precise sizes a cinch, and the adjustable carbide cutting wheel so getting perfect pressure for an even score is a breeze. Want to learn more? See how it works with step-by-step photos and instruction.

2. Once You Try an Electric Mandrel Spinner, You Will Wonder How You Ever Created Beads Without One!

Electric Mandrel SpinnerWith the Electric Mandrel Spinner, you will free yourself from arm and shoulder strain while creating beads faster and more consistently. The trick? This ingenious tool provides continuous rotation to your mandrel, so winding glass evenly is easier, heat is dispersed throughout the bead, and you can focus on the creative details. In a nut shell - it's an arm-saving, time-saving tool that YOU WILL LOVE! Watch the free video demo to see how simple it is to use.

After recently not being available in glass art, it's now back with extra features and available in money-saving kits. We are thrilled to once again be able to offer this tool to glass artists.

3. New Offset Pendant Molds - Just Add a Cord and Wear!

Round Offset Pendant Mold Teardrop Offset Pendant Mold
Colour de Verre Offset Pendant Project

With Colour de Verre's premium casting molds you can create gallery quality pieces in your home. Their new jewelry molds allow you to make gorgeous glass jewelry at a fraction of the price you would pay in a boutique. Each mold creates six pendants, two each of three different sizes. The holes in the pendants are offset, perfect for hanging. Available in round, square, oval and teardrop shapes. Get inspired - see the free project sheet for easy, creative projects and helpful firing hints.

4. PAPYROS Kiln Shelf Paper Now in 13" Pre-Cut Circles

Papyros Pre-Cut

Who doesn't love a chance to save time? Even better, who doesn't love the chance to buy a top-quality product that's already tailored to a custom fit?

Spectrum Glass has just released the ultimate in convenience for fusers - 13" Pre-Cut Circles of their popular PAPYROS Kiln Shelf Paper. This die-cut shape is ideal for most mid-size kilns, like the Delphi EZ-Pro 15-6. Each piece offers the same smooth surface, superior shelf separation and durability (even through multiple firings) as standard sheets - just in a pre-cut piece that saves time and eliminates scrap paper.

See the full line of PAPYROS Kiln Shelf Paper and discover why artists love it.

5. Light Up Your Home with Candle Sconces

Candle Sconces
Candle Sconce Project

If you have admired stained glass sconces but were intimidated to try creating one, don't be! This step-by-step guide shows you how to make gorgeous sconces using basic stained glass skills. It's filled with color instructional photos and inspiring finished projects. "Candle Sconces" features 16 contemporary and traditional patterns with lots of design details achieved by using bevels, globs, jewels and etching. No fancy hardware is required.

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