Sharon Hanlon: Glass is Her Therapy

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How did you get started in glass?

A friend bought me a small fused glass wall hanging many years ago and Id often gazed at it and wondered how it was made. Then in 2005, after being diagnosed with M.E./C.F.S. and lung problems, I was unable to continue with my career in the Learning Disabilities profession and needed an alternative and more therapeutic endeavor that would accommodate my condition. So, following a moment of madness in early 2008, where I bid for a kiln on e-bay, I began to experiment in glass and quickly became hooked on the colour, beauty and diversity of kiln-formed work.

Why glass?

Ive always admired architecture and loved the way a glass window could completely transform a room. And kiln-formed fused glass is such an exciting medium. My favorite part is the mixture of anticipation and trepidation I feel when Im opening the kiln it reminds me of Christmas morning as a child.

How have your other interests/hobbies/career influenced your glass designs?

I enjoy gardening and am often influenced by the shape or colour of a flower. Im also in the process on renovating my home which was built in 1901 and love being able to make my own unique tiles, etc.

What inspires you?

I love using recycled glass its such a challenge to create a wearable piece of jewellery from what is technically trash!! I also love that Ive found something Im passionate about, that my health problems dont stop me from doing (most of the time anyway!). I often feel that Ive been recycled too!

What makes your work unique from everyone elses?

I think my designs are quite subtle and I have quite a variety of ranges. I must have a short attention span because I always seem to be working on a new idea.

Whos work, glass or otherwise, do you most admire?

I love John Ditchfields work at Glasform and the way he uses iridescent glass. I was fortunate enough to see him working recently and I was completely mesmerized.

Do you sell your work? If so, where?

I currently sell at the Platform Gallery, Clitheroe; ONE planet, Accrington and The Stop and Rest, Oswaldtwistle. I also sell directly from my website and my Facebook page.

What are some upcoming exhibits/shows that you are excited about?

Im looking forward to seeing an exhibition that opens on the 22nd of January at the Platform Gallery, which includes knitted glass vessels by Catherine Carr.

What advice would you give other glass artists?

Dont be afraid to experiment with new ideas.

Anything else?

Although I often have to remind myself to stay focused on one area (Im currently doing a ceramics course, learning stained glass and experimenting with digital imagery on glass). I cant imagine that Ill ever lose my glass addiction theres always something new to learn or experiment with! Im definitely a glassaholic.

You can contact Sharon Hanlon through her website at, her Facebook page or her Email ([email protected])

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