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It's clear from all of your pieces that you love working with bright colors. Where do you get your love for color? I just love color! Without color, life can be dull. Color helps to create mood, passion, emotion and can bring out the best in people.

How would you describe your artistic style? I believe that my style can be categorized as "beachy." I love the beach and surfing, but I also love the woods and nature, so sometimes it's "nature inspired."

You have done several beautiful mosaics and stained glass panels, and I also understand you do some fused glass work and bead making. What's your favorite medium and why? I love making mosaics because that's what led me to glass in the first place. I go through spurts though. I'll make a whole bunch of mosaics and then make beads in between. Then I'll switch it up and make a stained glass piece. I guess it's just what I want to do that week or what idea I wake up that day.

I read in the Jersey Star Ledger that you're an avid surfer, hunter, runner, biker, rock climber, snow board and overall outdoor rockstar! How do you make time for your art? Balance. And sometimes really really late nights working in the studio!! It's all about prioritizing and making sure that I do what I have to do. Without all my activities, my art wouldn't be what it is, so I need my play time.

In the Ledger article, you described your parents as "down to earth-chill people"...how has your family influenced your passion for art? My parents are the best. Without them I don't think I could be "living the dream." It's really great because my Dad helped build my craft show display, and of course I think I am the only vendor that needs power tools to set up, but it's a great display! My Mom hangs out with me during the shows a lot and deals with the sales and stuff. Both of my parents have taught me and helped me with business knowledge and have let me become the person I am today. They encourage me! Thanks Mom and Dad and my sister Alyssa (and all the people who have helped me and believed in me along the way so far!)

Tell us a little about your apprenticeship with Tim Dorland. I actually fell into the apprenticeship. My girl scout leader asked me if I was interested in working with glass because she knew a guy who was looking for an apprentice. So we set up a date in 2004 and from that day on I've been working with glass! He's a great teacher and an awesome artist. I was able to do some really big stained glass jobs and help him out with some really cool projects throughout the years. He actually stopped by my studio recently with his son to see how my new kiln is working. I'm really privileged to have Tim as a mentor, teacher and friend.

If you could give one piece of advice to other young artists like yourself, what would it be? Have fun and make sure you always do what you love and keep up with it. Life gets in the way sometimes, but try and stay focused!! Live the life you love.

Anything else you'd like to add? Thank you to Delphi for being so great to their customers! You can contact Cheryl at www.thecglassstudio.com or by E-mail at [email protected]

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