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How did you get started in glass?

Glass is a fascinating medium. I was living as an ex-pat in Denmark in 2001 when I had the luck of finding a fusing glass course. I fell in love with the technique immediately. I pursued further classes and a masters since, trying to achieve more. Im also a self learner, I love to study and work on my own. Since then I never stopped looking for ways to improve myself in this beautiful art.

Why glass?

The first time I went to Murano, Italy, back in 1986 I had the chance to visit glass studios and was astonished by the way the artists worked with the powders and heat. Due to its unique properties, glass continues to be an intriguing material that can reflect, transmit or absorb light. It creates a surprise element which brings eclectic interest to a space without becoming overbearing. In fusing, I add powders, strings, frits, metal or other inserts toslabs of glass toachieve an organic, but extraordinary design. I like to create pieces that are functional as well as decorative - bowls, platters and sculptures. They are fired to around 1500 F. The high temperatures melt the glass fragments incorporating them into a new form. In fusing, the slow, intricate cutting, layering and careful melting of glass colors provides wide design possibilities that would not be possible in glass blowing. The results can be unexpected, always assuring there will never be another piece just like yours!

How have your other interests/hobbies/career influenced your glass designs?

Ive been a graphic designer for many years and I come from a family of artists. Since I was very young, Ive been exposed to various media and have tried many of them. But it was only many years later I would find the technique that grabbed me from my feet: GLASS FUSING. My passion for glass has finally been fulfilled!

What inspires you?

Everything around me: my life, different cultures, various arts and artists, colors and nature.

What makes your work unique from everyone elses?

Every artist has their own ways. I believe with me, it is no different. Ive based my work on creativity rather than rules. Doing things out of the box has offered me opportunities to try what others may not have. I enjoy challenges. Thats why my personal goal is to work on commission basis, trying to create that piece the customer has been dreaming of as an addition to his or her home, or art collection, and that others might think is impossible to achieve.

Whos work, glass or otherwise, do you most admire?

In oil painting I love the Impressionists, mainly Van Gogh and Monet. The modernists are also fascinating: Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, GeorgiaOKeeffe, Stuart Davis, Arthur Dove, just to name a few. In glass I happen to have some favorites too: Richard La Londe, Dale Chihuly, and of course the precursors, The Higgins! They were and are all fabulous. Tracy Handerson and Beverley Chambers have also been of great inspiration for me personally.

Do you sell your work? If so, where?

You just found my greatest weakness! Like many artists, Im the worst ambassador for my own work. Despite that fact, Im the one trying to overcome that barrier and promote myself. Id love to find someone professional to take over that task for me! Anyone interested?

What are some upcoming exhibits/shows that you are excited about?

Im in need of opportunities! Im actually pretty ready. Ive been working on a series of various pieces using recycled glass along with other media. It feels great to create art with scrap materials that otherwise would be filling wastelands and compromising our environment. I believe these could become of interest of different groups as they get to be seen. I've also been developing large panels inspired in my country of origin, Brazil. There are a few Carnaval (Mardi Gras) panels, and some others of general cultural aspects.

What advice would you give other glass artists?

Im not big on advice. I do believe in personal freedom, and put your heart into your art!

Anything else?

Id like to thank Delphi for the opportunity to have my work featured on its blog. I believe this is a great door opener. And if I can be of any help, please let me know.

You can find me at www.lulartfusedglass.com , http://lulart.designshuffle.com/ , or email me at [email protected] .

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