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How did you get started in glass?

I originally just did tile mosaics and then a friend sent me info on taking a class at Delphi for fused glass mosaics taught by Christine Stewart. I was hooked and had my own kiln within a few months.

Why glass?

Its infinitely easier than working with ceramic tile! I like the way the fused glass lets me incorporate rounded shapes with the hard edges of cut glass.

Why is recycling important to you?

I always take everyones leftovers tile, glass, wire, rocks, beads because you never know what project you can use even the smallest pieces in. Then you can elaborate: my friend gave me that, my neighbor was throwing that away. Im currently working with the Michigan Chapter of the IIDA and ZeroLandfill where they divert architectural samples from the landfill for upcycling. Its a wonderful way to get free goodies!

How have your other interests/hobbies/career influenced your glass designs?

Ive been a graphic designer by trade for my whole working career and glass lets me get out from behind the computer and get my hands dirty again.

What inspires you? Nature and its textures.

What makes your work unique from everyone elses?

I try to mix my mediums in each piece. Sometimes I use printed paper on my backgrounds, sometimes I paint it. I like to try to put at least one found object in each piece. The background of the turtle mosaic (top left) is from a map book I garbage picked and the shells and rocks are all found objects. In the mosaic table project (right), the tiles were all leftovers given to me by friends and family and the table itself was garbage picked from a neighbor.

Whos work, glass or otherwise, do you most admire?

I admire anybody who takes the initiative to create something from nothing. I believe you can learn from any artist in any medium and take that knowledge and make it your own.

Do you sell your work? If so, where? I am part owner of Michigan-Artisans.org. We have a website that focuses on artisans and musicians from our region, and offer the general public access to these vendors and musicians online and in person. We coordinate shows with our vendors anywhere within the state.

What are some upcoming exhibits/shows that you are excited about?

Delphis Annual Art Glass Festival is always a great exhibit for glass. Michigan Artisans will also be hosting a fund raising event in April and opening the doors to the Gallery and Studios in late spring.

What advice would you give other glass artists?

Do it for yourself. Never choose a subject matter or color palette based on what you think might be best for resale or what someone else dictates. In the end, how you feel about your project personally will show in the final piece.

Anything else?

Support and encourage other artists!

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