Let Your Art Shine with CBS Aqua Glow

Whether you’re making a fused glass project or a unique piece of glass jewelry, why not let it really shine by adding some glowing pigment? CBS Aqua Glow is a powder that works well with glass fusing as well as fused glass jewelry. While it appears yellowish in color, once exposed to a prolonged light source such as a lamp or the sun, it illuminates in an illustrious aqua color in the darkness.
What’s neat about this pigment is that it reflects a gentle color to the art you create when you see it in the light. But once the lights go out, it becomes even more spectacular. CBS Aqua Glow is compatible with all COEs too and that makes it an excellent pigment to use when creating anything from glass beads to lampworking and beyond.
If you’d like to use this pigment in your next glass project, you’ll want to get the ratio just right. Glow pigment mixed with glass powder uses a ratio of 1:4, with the smaller portion being for the glow powder. You’ll also want to cap, or encase, your glow powder inside layers of glass so that you’ll get a smooth texture when creating your pieces and keep the glow pigment from wearing away, which will make it shine less brightly over time.
Just one minute of exposure to any light source will cause the pigment to glow for a little while. If you’d like to see it shine on longer and brighter, let the sun shine in so that it can reach its full glowing potential. How long it glows completely depends on a number of factors. Light exposure time, the quality of the light source you use and the ratio of pigment that you incorporate into your glass project will all play a role in determining not only how long your piece will glow but also how brightly.
Even though it glows, there is nothing toxic about this glow powder. It’s completely safe to use. CBS rates it as non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-radioactive and non-hazardous. But you will need to use caution when handling it as you should always keep it dry and never heat it beyond 1800 degrees.
With a glow powder like this, your imagination can surely run wild. You can make a stunning night scene. A fused glass bowl with stars that glow would be incredible! Or if glass beads are more your thing, you can use it to add a punch of glow to your beads so they’ll look fabulous, day or night. We’re sure you can come up with some amazing works of art. What will you create with CBS Aqua Glow?
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Karen R.  •  January 22, 2018
At what temperature does the aqua glow melt for painting stained glass?
Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

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