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Information about Evenheat's Temperature Controls

The RampMaster II is a fully programmable, automatic temperature controller - it's the prefect tool for firing glass accurately and consistently. The RampMaster II can save up to six individual programs for reuse and is extremely user-friendly, so you don't have to spend all day programming. Every key has only one function eliminating scrolling through options! Other features include an alarm (to go off at any set temperature), a delay start, and program review options, so schedules can be double checked before firing.

Set-Pro Digital Controller
The "Set-Pro" 3-button control is simple and powerful. Set up to 8 firing segments per program. "On-the-Fly" features include adding time, temperature and skipping ahead. It's everything anyone ever wanted in an easy-to-use controller, without being limited by pre-set programming. Will store up to four programs.

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