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GTS 18-13 Kiln With Window With Express Mode

$2,384.95 USD
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Item# 74913RV
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Product Features

  • RampMaster with Express Mode programmable, automatic temperature controller - the perfect tool for firing glass accurately and consistently
  • Express Mode makes programming simple - just select your COE, firing style and firing speed
  • Other features include an alarm (to go off at any set temperature), a delay start, and program review options, so you can double check your schedules before firing
  • The lid's generous heating element ensures even firing
  • Chamber size is great for medium sized bottle molds
  • Solid state relay
  • Pickup or truck shipment only

Product Description

Due to increased demand and reduced labor, this kiln will not be available for delivery until 6 weeks after your order has been placed.

Excellent Mid-Range Kiln!
This kiln is an awesome personal sized glass firing kiln, especially with the built-in RampMaster with Express Mode Temperature Controller (see additional images). Very capable of all hot glass techniques (fusing, slumping painting, Pate de Verre). This is a solid mid-range kiln for serious hobbyists to professional artists. Designed to fire a single layer or shelf; U/L and C-U/L listed. Evenheat GTS18-13 (17-1/2" x 13.5"); uses 240 volt outlet.

This kiln is equipped with a solid state relay. Solid state relays have a much longer life span than traditional manual/mechanical relays. They are also much more energy efficient. Relying on a semiconductor instead of the electromechanical relays means no clicking sound when running.  

Pickup or truck shipment only - call or email for freight quote.


NOTE: This item can not be shipped through FedEx.

Product Details

  • Operates on 240v outlet
  • RampMaster with Express Mode automatic temperature control
  • Inside dimensions: 17-1/2" diameter x 9" deep
  • Top temperature: 1800°F (982°C)
  • Shipping Weight: 150 lbs (69 kg)