Wall art painting, Poppy Field

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During the day it’s a colorful stained-glass window. In the evening it’s a glowing painting, illuminating everything around. It’s a beautiful wall lamp.

This is a team creation. One person made Poppy flowers, another - daisies, third - bees and stems. My idea and composition. We all had a great time. Made during our “Glowing painting - Poppy fields” master class. You can see the whole work process.

Artist: Olga Kamayeva, Yulia Kruteeva, Elena Voytova, Svetlana Serebryanaya, Dmitry Ibragimov

78 * 46 cm



Art Glass Festival 2011 entry
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Monday, April 11, 2011
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Lovely! But however do you decide which of you gets to have the piece? I would think each of you would want it.