Feathers of the Phoenix Platter

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The Feathers of the Phoenix Plate involve an 8 step process. It starts with a glass brick being fused from layers of transparent and opal glass dammed between four kiln bricks. That brick if sawed in half and bookended, then fused again. The humped brick is then sawed into thin slices with a round diamond bladed Taurus 3 glass saw. The slices are again bookended together and fused with a piece of clear glass on top. All are very beautiful and never the same, and can be used in jewelry and plates. The glass feathers are laid out on a black piece of opal glass and fused flat. Then a transparent piece of glass is placed on top, and the plate undergoes another 12 hour fusing. The last step is slumping/melting the platter in the 10' by 10" plate mold, and rubber feet are expoxied to the backside of the plate. This is the most complex plate I have made so far.

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